I'm Flavius, a fullstack developer with focus on backend, based in M√ľnchen, Germany. I have been in the field nearly 10 years and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I love to craft digital experiences, with the help of the newest technology available.

During my work experience I have worked from simple projects, like presentation website, up to complex projects, like custom e-commerce platform or user management platforms.

Currently I am a backend developer at thinxnet.com, where I try to craft the best solutions with the best technologies.

Among my skill set can be found:

  • Javascript/ES6/Nodejs/Express/Mongoose
  • MongoDB/Kafka/API-Gateway/postgresql
  • Mocha/Chai/Sinon
  • Python/Bash
  • HTML5/CSS3/Vuejs

Feel free to contact me and here is my resume